11 Reasons Why Having Axillary Hyperhidrosis is the Pits!


As a human, sweating is already an unfavorable experience, but when you are a heavy sweater (heh!), the pressure is on. Here are a few reasons clarifying why hyperhidrosis IS THE WORST.

1. Constantly doing laundry

Taking off sweaty wet clothes at the end of the day is such a relief, but the laundry load can seem like adding insult to injury.

2. Long hair

Taking wet clothes off is amazing, but what about the wet hair that is glued to your neck 24/7?

3. Not feeling 100% all the time

It can be hard feeling confident on a normal day, but with hyperhidrosis, it can take a little more convincing.

4. People saying “Hyperhidrosis? Whats that?”

It can feel isolating already when it feels like you’re the only one you know who sweats, but its even worse when people don’t know that its a serious condition and that no, you are not in fact just overheated all the time.

5. Trying to hold things/pick things up

Especially if you’ve pursued athletic endeavors in the past, no one knows how much of an extra workout it is to keep your hands on the ball.

6. Getting nervous when going in for a handshake

Handshakes are considered an essential part of a first impression, so it's usually a gesture that is difficult to avoid. It would be so much easier to be a mermaid, they don't have to worry about wet handshakes.

7. Worried about raising your hand in class

School is already a stage set for humiliation, bringing your pit stains to show and tell every time you ask a question is the last thing you need!

8. Thinking twice about wearing white

That shirt looks great on you but you can’t help but wonder if it will look just as good after an hour in the sun.

9. Leather seats holding your legs hostage

It’s a shame literally every fancy car has these. Leather may seem like a classy material to lounge on, but there is nothing worse than peeling your thighs off of your chair after enjoying a meal with friends.

10. The Hugging Problem

When someone goes in to hug you, they have the best intentions in mind, but it can feel like they’re about to reveal your secret identity. Guess what! I’m damp!


It’s the season everyone looks forward too yet manages to be the one time of the year that you dread.

Clinical Team