8 Things Everyone with Hyperhidrosis has Done but Will Never Admit

We all have secrets, little quirks that we tip toe around as to never get caught. When you have hyperhidrosis, there are a few necessary evils that we must do preserve our comfort.

1. Stuffed their bra, but not to look bustier.

Sweat absorption is key, paper towels when the situation gets dire.



2. Left a wet imprint of their bottom on a public seat

Sometimes it’s too hot for even a dress



3. Used the hand driers in the bathroom to dry their pit stains

Hand driers are honestly just great for most wardrobe malfunctions in the first place



4. Thrown their wet clothes in the drier and worn them again

I have time for a quick dry but not enough time to do a 2 hour cycle of laundry


5. Stayed seated just to avoid revealing the waterfall cascading down their back

Trust me, it’s better for the both of us if I just greet you from here


6. Bought one of those plastic fans that come on top of m&ms containers and kept it

Correction, I was buying the fan, the M&M’s were just a bonus.



7. Bought their favorite  thompson tee in bulk

When you find something that works, never let go!


8. Changed their shirt at work

It’s not my fault there aren’t any designated changing rooms


Clinical Team