10 Signs You Might Have Hyperhidrosis

Everybody Sweats, But Not Everybody has Hyperhidrosis

Are you a heavy sweater? You may have axillary hyperhidrosis, or excessive underarm sweating. Below are 10 ways to determine whether you might have axillary hyperhidrosis:

  1. Your underarms sweat unnecessarily.

  2. You sweat through your shirts and often have to change your shirts throughout the day.

  3. You have to shower excessively because of your sweat.

  4. You’re always prepared with sweat protection.

  5. Over the counter antiperspirants don’t work.

  6. Your sweating dictates your social life.

  7. Your sweating influences your career choices.

  8. Excessive sweating runs in the family.

  9. Your armpits feel wet for an extended period of time.

  10. You often get skin infections and irritations in your armpits.

If you think you may have axillary hyperhidrosis, you might consider joining the Argyle Study. Also, don’t hesitate to reach out to a healthcare professional to learn more about your condition. If they haven't heard of hyperhidrosis, don't be discouraged. Instead, spread the word about hyperhidrosis so your doctor can better care for you and the other 380 million people worldwide who also suffer from hyperhidrosis.

The good news? There are ways to manage your axillary hyperhidrosis that can help you regain a normal, less wet life. Some of our favorite online hyperhidrosis resources include Facebook support groups, blogs like My Life as a Puddle, and the International Hyperhidrosis Society. 

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