Why Your Participation Matters

The importance of healthy skin cannot not be overlooked. Our outer skin is the first line of defense against microorganisms and serves as protection from harmful forces in our environment.  When there is damage to your outer skin, or your skin is in a comprimising environment, your outer skin loses its defense power and you become more prone to things like infection.

If you’re currently suffering from any skin-related condition(s) such as: recurrent infections, ulcers, melanoma, alopecia, or hyperhidrosis--know that you are not alone. Dermatologic complaints account for anywhere from 5- 8.2 percent of all primary care visits. Though dermatologists have a comprehensive understanding of the epidermis and its related conditions, the importance of furthering our understanding through dermatological research cannot be overstated. Here are three reasons why your participation in dermatologic research matters.

1. The skin is your largest organ.

Skin accounts for about 15% of your body weight and is home to more than 1,000 species of good bacteria. Healthy skin = a strong barrier between your internal organs and the outside world. It can prevent bone damage, muscle damage or internal organ decay from factors such as UV rays from the sun. Medical advancement in dermatology is equally important as medical advancements in other fields like cardiology or neurology--all of these fields are crucial towards keeping humanity healthy, as a whole.

2. Our largest organ faces over 3,000 present-day conditions.

Almost everyone will face a skin-related issue during their lifetime. Whether the condition is a common one like acne, or a lesser known condition like hyperhidrosis, your help is crucial. Participating in a study is one way you can help improve treatment options for yourself and others.

3. You can make a difference.

The only way science can be driven forward is when individuals, like you, step up to make a difference. All medical trials require numerous people with relevant medical conditions in order to test its efficacy. Without your help, there are no scientifically valid advancements in developing new treatments for Hyperhidrosis. Your assistance directly benefits you, and everyone else fighting the same drippy, wet underarm battle.

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